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Staged Photo


per Scene

Eye-catching art piece custom-created based on your story or fantasy. A very special photo that will wow your heart and your friends.

Staged photography ( also called “tableau photographs" ) is a rare photography medium that captures staged or artificially constructed scenes made only for the purpose of photography. It's usually only used in high-end commercial or art purposes such as film poster making due to the extremely high cost and long time on scene construction. But now, through miniature stage creation and post-touch techniques, we are able to make this luxury image-making medium available for personal use.

Here’s our workflow for Staged Photo:
1 ) Pre-production: Story/scene design. We will work with you to come up with a story/scene for the photo.
2 ) Production: Photo shooting (door-to-door service, we will bring the backdrop and lights). Your photo will be shot in front of a grey background.
3 ) Post-production: Stage creation & post-touch. Our Imagineer will design and create the real miniature scene based on your story. Then mix the photo of yours with the scene through post-touch technologies.

Package includes: All original studio pictures, post-touched staged photo.
Price may vary based on number of people and complexicity of the scene.

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