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About G & L

Are you tired of taking pictures that make you look like random people in stock photos? Do you want to have a photo that tells your unique story instead of a common image with an awkward smiling face? G&L Photo Studio will bring a brand new high-end photography experience to you!


We believe portrait photography is the art of capturing the individuality of people and telling their own stories. Thus, we are committed to creating photos that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and memorable. Through our photography service and the customized Staged Photo, your very own story or even fantasy will become eye-catching art pieces.


Contact us to learn more about our service. Your unique storytelling photo starts here.

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Garfield is the chief photographer of G & L studio. An award-winning portrait photographer with more than 10 years of rich experience in child & family photography and wedding photography. Garfield will capture the most shining and unique moments of you.


Lulu is the Imagineer of G & L studio. An award-winning fine art photographer, miniaturist, well known for her creative photography series MINIESE.

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