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Kids & Family


2 Hours

We have a unique workflow for Child & Family photography. To make the whole experience natural and relaxing, we will make it like a play day. Our photographer will go with your family to an outdoor site, which your kid(s) is familiar with(for example, the park/playground that you often go to). You and your kids just enjoy your time there, our photographer will act as a photojournalist, taking photos from distance, and only providing direction when necessary. Thus, we can make sure to capture the most natural and true moments of kids.

1 ) Select the site that your kid(s) loves or is familiar with; We can also recommend suitable outdoor sites for you.
2 ) Take your kid(s) to the site for a play day.
3 ) We will go to the site beforehand to find the best photo shooting spots and give you directions when needed.
4 ) The whole photo shooting process is about 2 hours.

Package includes: All original pictures, Selected post-touched photos.

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